Electrical technological systems for buildings

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We constantly update our operations to take technological evolutions, new regulations and markets developments into account.

    • Competent, efficient and effective service
    • Guaranteed quality materials that respect legislative requirements
    • Checks performed at every stage of operations
    • Punctuality and attention to the requirements set out in contracts
    • Flexibility and openness to clients’ requests, even during undertaking of the work
    • Expert, respectful and updated personnel
    • Compliance with Health and Safety standards to protect its own workers and those of its clients
The electrical systems certified by Teagno S.r.l. are a guarantee of lasting quality and efficiency.


Intelligent buildings exploit new technologies to control the following services in a coordinated, integrated and computerised manner:

    • HVAC
    • water, gas and electricity supplies
    • security
    • computer and communications network

Domotics makes it possible to improve:

    • the quality of life and working environment within the building
    • flexibility and control
    • comfort and security
    • energy saving

Out-dated environments and systems can be transformed.

Intelligent Teagno S.r.l. systems help you to save money and make your home more comfortable.


The ideal choice and an investment which:

    • can take advantage of unused surfaces such as roof coverings and parking areas
    • drastically reduces or eliminates all costs related to electricity consumption
    • is tax-deductible in many countries as an instrumental asset
    • reduces the demand for energy from traditional sources and helps to reduce atmospheric pollution
    • can be implemented at a later date because it is a modular technology
    • communicates the company’s vocation for corporate social responsibility and improves its perceived image.
Teagno S.r.l. photovoltaic systems exploit the sun and generate low cost energy.