Electrical technological systems for buildings

  • Cablaggio quadri
  • Domotica
  • Fotovoltaico
  • Sicurezza
  • Rivelazione incendi
  • Trasmissione dati

The guarantee of certified quality.

TEAGNO S.r.l.’s prime goal is to satisfy the customer in full by constantly improving the services it delivers.
TEAGNO S.r.l. has created a Corporate Quality Management System that complies with ISO standards 9001:2008 and with standard ISO 9001, assessed by the requirements of Technical Regulation RT-05.

TEAGNO S.r.l. holds quality certification for the undertaking of public work, issued under DPR 207/2010 for the following categories and classes of qualification:

    • Cat. OG1 – Class II
    • Cat. OG10 – Class III
    • Cat. OG11 – Class III BIS
    • Cat. OS30 – Class IV

Under the Decree of January 22, 2008 which sets out standards for system security, TEAGNO S.r.l. is authorised to install, transform, expand and maintain the systems referred to in Art. 1 of Decree no. 37/2008 as follows: letter A-B-C-D-E-G.

Some accomplishments